Friday, May 8, 2015

Two Days in a Row??

Last night I was crabby, to say the least.  The afternoon started off fine by making a trip to Miller Auto to get the oil changed in the van...with all 6 kids.  It usually is fine and a super fun place for the kids bc they have the playground area plus free ice cream, popcorn, pop etc.  They told me it'd be a half hour and I made sure to specify that I'd prefer the coupon for the car wash instead of them taking the extra 10 minutes for them to wash it. hour and 20 mins later, our buzzer finally beeps.  ugh!!!  And what do ya know, they washed the van.  I had a bunch of errands to run quick afterwards and wanted to make it to the post office before 4pm, and now that won't happen...  And to top things off, the kids decided to take advantage of mom being busy paying and talking to the service guy that they all took a cup and put some free pop in it and were guzzling it as fast as possible!!  The only good thing was that they were able to fix our seat that wouldn't slide forward for only $10.  Oh, and Nathan got home during this time bc of rain so I knew he was home, making me more frustrated.

So I skipped my errands and just wanted to get home.  Once home, I was not exactly happy and really wanted to "get away" I texted Melissa.  I figured chances of getting together were slim if any and sure enough, she said she had the little ones while her husband was gone with the older ones.  Then she texted me back and said that her brother would watch her littles, she was free!!  Now, keep in mind that it's been a loooooong time since her and I were able to get away, just us two.  Like maybe even before our last 2 were born!!  It was well over-due.

So I picked her up and went over to Grizzleys to eat supper.  We sat there for a long time, chatting and eating.  Our waitress hardly came around bc she said she didn't want to interrupt our conversation.  She could obviously tell that we don't get out much, lol!  After that we did what any moms of lots of littles would do....take a stroll thru Bed Bath and Beyond and Target!!  I texted Nathan to make sure the kids were in bed before heading home :)

Then tonight, Nathan was getting together with his friend Scott so I told Melissa that her and the kids were welcome to come over and hang out with us for "movie and popcorn" night if they wanted.  So they came out for some grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup and then stayed to play for awhile.  We did some comparing of bellys again...and it's official...i'm catching up to melissa!!  She only has about 3 weeks to go tho since she has her babys between 34-36 weeks.  She is currently almost 33 weeks and I'm just turning 29 weeks.  (The belly pic below are above: Mel 20 weeks and me 16 weeks...the bottom...Mel 33 weeks and me 29 weeks).

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