Wednesday, April 7, 2010

picture perfect day.

Wow! What a busy, fun-filled weekend!!! I can't believe it's been a week since I posted on here (sorry!) but with activities going on everyday, we hardly had time to sleep!

My parents arrived in Virginia right on time and I picked them up at the airport at about 11:15pm last Thursday. Their flights went well and they were ready for bed!

The day started on Friday with the boys begging Grandma to play baseball with them outside. After that, Nathan, Tiernan and my dad went hiking in a park while the little kids, my mom and I went walking down by the horses.

Gma walking with Caemdon back from the farm.

The guys hiking...

Once they got back, it was relaxing outside time....well, until my dad had to save Brayan from drowning in the pond.... Imagine my surprise when Tiernan comes running up to me just a few mins after the men took the boys to go look at the pond here in the campground and says "You're not going to believe it!...Brayan just fell into the water!" uh...what?!?

That's when we looked over and saw my dad ::wet:: walking next to Nathan ::half wet:: holding Brayan ::soaked::. Apparently the boys were on the dock and somehow Brayan fell off (Tiernan said he was trying to reach a lily pad) and since my dad was the closest, he went into reach him, but not without getting wet and scraping up his knee. But after all was said and done, everyone made it out safe, although dad was still complaining a little yesterday about his battle wounds :) Thanks Dad for saving my child...even though you scraped your knee!

We ended the evening with a picnic outside, complete with roasting hot dogs over the fire and smores for dessert!! Perfect day!!

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