Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the rest of dc.

Once we got back to the parking garage, we decided to walk with Naomi back to her apartment since it was only a couple blocks away.

She has a cute little (about 300 sq ft) studio apartment on the 5th floor of a big complex with a great view of the pool. We rested a few mins and decided to try to walk back to the garage without Naomi. We did it and didn't even get lost!!

Naomi gave us directions on how to get out of DC and back onto the major hwy we needed to take to get back home. My dad obviously paid more attention to the directions and even looked at the map before we left (cheater! :)

Once we left the garage, we waited for dad to follow so we could stay together. We made it through the next light. He didn't. We got seperated. Thank God!! We missed our turn and ended up going over the bridge and back into the heart of DC. I quickly called Naomi and asked how to get out of here! She just said we needed to figure out how to turn around. Yeah. Easier said than done! Tons of traffic. Tons of one-ways. But we managed to turn around in a pretty short time period. But then Nathan exited off on a road we thought was going back over the wasn't. Ok, so now we are on a different road.

But it turned out okay since my GPS said we were on the road that we were trying to get onto in the first place. But then the GPS said to exit off. We did. Now we are back by Naomi's apartment, knowing NOTHING about where we are. We pulled over, called Naomi and she came to rescue us! She drove ahead of us and we followed her out of where we were and got us on the hwy.

I called my mom and told her that we just got onto the hwy and she couldn't believe it. I was just SO thankful that they missed that light and didn't follow us. That would have been horrible!

So anyway, we made it out of DC and back home. We just aren't in that big of hurry to make it back there anytime soon :)

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