Monday, June 21, 2010


A couple posts ago I mentioned that we spent the day out at Shenandoah Springs Camp because our church held a baptismal service out there. Well I finally got a new cord for my phone (more about that later!) so I am now able to get the pics off of it to put on here :)

The road leading to the camp. It was actually pretty freaky driving on this road. It was wedged between two steep ditches and obviously only one lane (though, thankfully we didn't meet anyone trying to go the other way) and it was also real curvy, as is everything in Virginia!

Here is how the kids sat during the service, which last a good 2 hours.

But...the kids did get somewhat antsy so Dad took them aside and threw them around for a little while, literally! We can't blame them for getting antsy though, most of the adults were too given the fact that it was only in the 90s and super super humid. It felt like we were standing in an oven. Aren't dads always so fun?!

This is the lake where the baptisms were held.

After they finished, we swam in the lake and Nathan even played a nice game of sand volleyball. Go Dad!

Needless to say, this is the way the kids looked on the way home :) (Take note of Ariella in the mirror...sleeping beauty too :)

Fun day!

And I was going to post about my amazing Father's Day weekend, but that will have to wait until next time. I'm extremely tired from staying up way too late the past couple nights and it's already getting late, so I'm off for now!

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