Thursday, June 10, 2010


I mentioned in a couple posts ago that we saw family and friends over the 5 day-off break that Nathan had over Memorial weekend. Let me tell you some highlights of that weekend.

Friday--We were hanging outside when Ariella ended up being the only one inside. Not a big deal since we kept the front door open so the kids could come and go as they please...but since Nathan was working on the side of the camper, he needed the door to be closed. After closing it, I walked over to the door and AS I was saying "We should keep this open because Ariella will end up locking herself in", we heard the lock latch. "CLICK" Uhhhhh..... I tried the door, locked. I tried to open it again, locked. And again, locked. (For some reason I thought the more I tried it, maybe it would just magically unlock...didn't work). So here we are, all outside, except out sweet 14 mo old little girl who has just locked herself inside along with our phones, keys, and every window that is CLOSED. Sooo...we tried to think of everything. Check all the windows, try to coax her to unlock the door, climb on the roof to see if a vent would open, which window should we break that would cause the least amount of damage, everything. Nothing worked. At one point, a frustrated Nathan (frustrated because he found more damage on our camper than he thought was there) said "whatever...she locked herself in" and he went back to working on the if she knew what she did and was doing it in defiance! ha! So long story shorter...we were able to pull a window open enough (while waiting for it to bust!) to get my hand through to reach the knob to open it big enough to shove Tiernan through it. Then he ran to the door and unlocked it. No damage and we've learned to ALWAYS have our keys with us when we are outside!!

Then Friday evening was finished with a picnic at our friends house.

Sunday we enjoyed the company of Nathan's sister and family with us at church and then after church out brother in law and Nathan left for hiking and camping in the mountains. Nathan thought the ideal trip would consist of a 3 or so mile hike into the mountains, set up camp, and then next morning hike back. Well, it was kinda like that except they hiked over 10 miles one way!!! Sheesh! Which made the round trip about 20 bears. Yes, bears. At one point they were 20 feet away from a black bear. They didn't see it until Nathan looked at what was 'rustling' in the bush next to them. It was walking away from them but stopped and looked back at them. Jack said they better keept moving...thank you Jack for saving Nathan's life. He would have probably been eaten by the bear since he wanted to 'see it closer'. 20 feet away is close enough for me!
And after 20 miles of hiking in the mountains, he came home with a very sore knee. It'll be awhile before another 20 mile hike! :)

While he was hiking, we went to his sister's house and played!! The kids of course love it at "Jack Austin's house" (their 14 yr old cousin) and I was able to do a little shopping kid-free, clean my van (thank you sarah!), give the kids an actual bath in a tub rather than a tote, and do big loads of laundry!! It was a great time!


A few days ago we made a quick trip to my friend Meggan's campground. It was the first time we've made it out there since they moved from here. It was a super hot day (in the 90s and humid!) and their campground has a pool! We hung out and enjoyed the sun, pool, and fun times with friends!

Here is what our camper and site looks like when there's not 3 feet of snow on the ground....ugh, I don't even want to remember that!!

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