Saturday, August 14, 2010


Moving to a **HOT** climate has some being able to see a peach tree for the first time in real life! And even more exciting is being able to EAT peaches straight from one of those trees! Our ever-so-generous neighbor (who has the horse farm) has said that they don't use any of their peaches so we can have as many as we'd like. We've been waiting in anticipation as we checked on them every week or so. Yesterday we found that they were actually ready to eat! We picked some that we thought looked good...and OH they were SO good! Plump, juicy, mmmmmm.... We would love to freeze a whole bunch but since our freezer can hold about 3 things, we decided to dehydrate most of them so we'd have a load ofpeach fruit snacks in our pantry. And I am again amazed at how much smaller a dehydrated piece of food is verses it's hydrated counterpart! But it's perfect for us because we have very limited space!! Bring on the peaches!! (And today we picked a whole 'nother bucket which I plan on dehydrating again! (Or I'll make some jam...which I did this morning with strawberries! 11 jars! Yippee!)

What we brought home last night....don't they look amazing?!

Ready for the dehydrator...

This is what is left after dehydrating....this is a quart size bag.

Off subject, but this is a little glimpse of what my kitchen looked like yesterday when I got home from the grocery store while trying to get the kids fed for lunch. Disaster area!

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Amanda S. said...

Just curious but have you ever canned peaches? They are very good canned.