Tuesday, August 3, 2010

one of those days.

This is the kind of day I've had, just so you know......

Yesterday I went to Nathan's sister's house to visit, vacuum out my car (it's tradition to do that while I'm there since I can't here!), let the boys play on the trampoline and with their cousins, chat and watch movies, and do some laundry!! Doing laundry in a 'normal' washer is, like I've said before, sooooo incredibly amazing to me!!! I brought all my sheets and blankets over and made up the clean, fresh beds last night before we tucked the kids in.

Today Caedmon napped in our room and today he peed during nap. Which meant our clean fresh sheets were not so clean and fresh anymore. He even managed to get it on our top sheet and it went through to the mattress pad...nothing I could even salvage!

Then after I finished cleaning the dishes from supper, I went into the boys' room where Ariella was and saw that she had dug into her poopy diaper and smeared it all over Brayan's (clean) sheets! She actually took a monster truck and drove it through the poop and then drove the truck around his bed, over his blankets and even on his pillow case! Are you kidding me?!?

Ugh! So after getting her cleaned up, I ripped off the sheets, blankets and pillow case and threw them in the tote in the shower. I couldn't put them in the washer yet since I was waiting for our top sheet to get done drying. Then after the top sheet was done, I needed to put the rest of the clothes that were in the load with it back into the dryer for them to dry since I can't dry them all at the same time or nothing gets dry since the drum is so small! So basically I need to wash one sheet at a time, then dry it (which takes about 90 mins in my dryer) and then start another one!

I called Sarah (Nathan's sister) to tell her about the little episodes and she says "So what you're saying is that you're coming back over tomorrow to do laundry!" HA! I am actually considering it since my day seemed to go much smoother and faster when there was 1)other adults to talk to and 2)5 other people to help watch/entertain my kids!! Love you guys!!

So anyway, that is why this post is nothing more than a whiny post I guess....it's just been one of those days! (But I do get to spend the rest of my night helping someone with their budget...I'm so blessed!!)

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