Wednesday, April 20, 2011

surprise visit

A couple weeks ago we went to go visit Nathan where he lives... yes, for the last, almost 3 months, Nathan has been working on the road, only coming home late Saturday night and leaving during the middle of the night on Sunday. It would be an understatement to say that it's been tough on everybody. The kids miss him terribly. I miss him terribly. And he misses us.

Along with the grace of the Lord, the only way I think I have been able to half-way cope with him being away for so long is because of Ana, by sweet live-in nanny, who comes to stay most weeks from Wednesday to Saturday. It is such a blessing to have someone to help with dishes, bake bread when I don't have time, and to be here with the kids while I run an errand.

But here is the good of today, Nathan is laid off!!! That means that he's coming home (in a few minutes!) and he will be here INDEFINATELY!!!! He will no longer take over the road jobs as we feel that family is much more important. We are all so super excited about that!!

So back to the reason for the post....ahem....a couple weeks ago Nathan wasn't able to come home because he had to work Sunday, so I packed the kids up and took a trip down to Jackson (yes, he was still in the town where we had our apartment) but here's the thing...he didn't know we were coming!!

He lived at a bed and breakfast in town and the owner had me park in their personal driveway instead of the lot where the customers park so Nathan wouldn't think much of it. He drove to work with a co-worker and I guess when they pulled in, nathan says to Tim "That looks like my wife's van" Tim says "well, maybe it is" Nathan replys "No way! There's no way that she would drive 7 hours round trip with the kids to come see me." (he knows how much I hate driving in the car...) So he called my cell phone as they pulled in the driveway. What?! You can't be calling me! I can't lie! You'll ask where I am! I didn't answer! And he called again....and I didn't answer! Finally I walked outside and was greeted by his co-worker so coaxed nathan out of the car to come in. The kids came running around the corner and then he saw us. :)

The Old Railroad Inn

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