Monday, May 16, 2011

long time, no see

This computer has been sitting next to me with a blank screen for a good half hour now and I just can't think on how to start this post. There have been and are so many things going on in our lives right now I just don't know where to begin! In my whole 'blogging life', I haven't gone this long without a post so it's about time I did one! Plus, I have the night 'off' since I've been fighting a headache so I figured this would be a great time to write one. So this is what's been goin' on...

***Nathan got a call last Friday afternoon from the union hall to start work on Monday (today). Only it wasn't in the location we had hoped. It's for down in southern mn again. We had a long and hard weekend thinking about what the best possible solution would be for our family. If he turned down the job, that would be the end of the apprenticeship...but on the flip side, it would be the start of another adventure for us, finding out what the Lord has in store for us besides line work. We decided that he should go down for the first day of training and actually see what the job involved, how long it would be for, etc. The blessing was that after he went to the cities this morning to get his ticket for work, they found out that the union hall messed up the dates and that work doesn't actually start until next monday! That was such a blessing bc he gets to finish the landscaping outside! He was really disappointed that he'd have to leave that half finished but now he can finish it! He's been out there all day watering the sod, laying down poly and rocks around the house, movin' dirt...just having a grand 'ol time!

Here's the house thus far....The stucco was just finished last week and the stone right before that. We laid the sod last wednesday.

**Our adorable children :)

**We said 'good-bye' to our camper a couple weeks ago. After having it on craigslist for 5 days, we got an email from a couple who was interested in looking at it. They came two days later to look at it and wrote us a check on the spot! They waited a couple more days and a week ago saturday, they hauled it away! It was bitter sweet watching it drive away as that closed that chapter in our lives but Nathan was pretty happy...ok, very see it go!

**Nathan shaved his head...which I we just had to get a picture of him next to his brother Keith, which whom Nathan resembles the most. (Although he's growing his hair back out, despite what I think!)

**SOOOO glad to finally have some grass (even though we can't walk on it yet bc it's too wet!) I was/am so sick and tired of the mud! This is what I look at out my window and guess what the kids go in several times a day?!

**Nathan's birthday present from me.

Previously, he had all these weights in our 3rd stall in the garage. There wasn't much room for anything else. I asked him why he doesn't want them downstairs and he said that it would be too much work to move them. So while he was gone working, I had his brother and a friend move them! I bought all the flooring and they helped install that too. When Nathan came home, he walked up through the garage and stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn't figure out where his weights would have gone since surely I couldn't have moved them. Needless to say he was very shocked and never expected anything like it. He says that he loves it!

**We've started our business, which has been interesting thus far :) The part that we are trying hard at now is just getting the name out and what we do. Our website is

**I'm going to bed now. I'll try to post again, sooner than a month :)

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