Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our kids

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted something about the kids and what they have been up to, what they like, etc so i'm going to take some time and go through them all!

6 years old
favorite color: green
Loves to pull his ankle socks as far up his legs as possible so the heel part of his sock in in the middle of his calf...drives us nuts!
Just got his first tooth pulled out at the dentist...wouldn't stop smiling the whole time at the dentist, even during the procedure. We think he was liking that goofy gas :)
still steals food whenever he can, including eating the brown sugar directly from the container, leaving the cover off and spoon in it!
Is amazingly awesome at baseball, hitting to be specific and has been since I can remember. He will consistantly hit the (foam) ball with the (thin foam) bat when Nathan pitches it over-hand to him. He gives Tiernan a dollar everytime he hits it over the roof of the garage at our rental in Blue Earth. He's made a lot of money. Nathan walked it off and figured it's close to 90 feet.
He's best at math, making equations out of everyday stuff. ex) “There's 9 pieces left. That means there will only be 3 left after we all have one because there are 6 of us.” or “I have 6 sticks because I have 3 right here and 3 over there.” He also prides himself on knowing how many things there are without counting them but knowing what “5” looks like, or however many there are.
Reading doesn't come that easy to him but he is getting very good at sounding out the words
Goes to bed as late as possible and is up before 6am, everyday, never needing a nap...
Likes to ride his bike a lot, and more recently, his razor scooter (which, I might add, was a $2 find at a garage sale, probably the best $2 I've ever spent!
Is only in size 10ish shoe, although he can still fit into a 9
We still call him Biggie
Wants 3 dogs to name them Blacky, Sniffy, and Boomer

Age: 4 (will be 5 in 2ish months)
Favorite color: Red
Favorite animal: cat
hes in this stage right now where he talks like a baby with an accent, that's the best way I can describe it...drives us crazy.
He holds his left hand open with his fingers spread almost constantly...that also drives me crazy.
He LOVES to color and will do so for hours
Hes obsessed with anything 'pirate'...even though we won't allow anything with the whole skull and bones thing.
He laughs uncontrollably when he's overtired
He rides his 3 wheeled scooter so proud :)
Would eat only watermelon if we let him
sleeps with his soft blue blanket that gma barb made

Age: 3 (will be 4 in 2 months)
Favorite color: Blue
Is still our 'tough one'...likes to box
will always get out of bed a few minutes after we put him in there and ask for a drink of water
Weighs the same as Caedmon, also wears the same size pants and shoes as caedmon....yes, I have my twins without actually having twins :)
sleeps with his blue fleece blanket

Age: 2
favorite color: pink, of course!
Loves the doll strawberry shortcake
still naps about 2 hours a day if I lay her down, otherwise she won't.
LOVES her nuk, which will be hard to get rid of.
Also LOVES her pink fleece blanket we got from our friend & farmer in Seward NE as a going away gift.
She talks in full sentences and knows more words than we ever thought she would at this age, it makes us laugh everyday
She loves shoes and clothes and definitely has an opinion about what she wears. Once her outfit is on for the day, she needs to go show someone, either a brother or daddy.
Her hair is long past her shoulders in the back which has beautful natural curls. Her bangs are growing out, which I usually keep in 2 ponytails.
She eats a ton, ex) she ate 2-1/2 hamburgers, bun and all, when my aunt and uncle were over visiting. My aunt couldn't believe it!
She has been deathly afraid of ladybugs, even waking with nightmares that they are biting her. Being around her brothers that keep spiders in containers in the house has gotten her a little more used to insects but she still dislikes them, esp flies and ones that can land on her.
Even though she can say their names, she calls Tiernan “Nah-nah”, Caedmon “Yah-Yah”, and Brayan “Sha-bah”. She also calls a banana “bah-boo”.
Has been potty training herself...which I love! :)

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