Monday, June 25, 2012

Crazy 'thinking' week

There was LOTS of thinking and debating and weighing options and praying and thinking some more going on this week about what we are going to do as far as our living situation and Nathan's job.  We haven't figured it out completely but have decided for the time being to move HOME and have Nathan continue to work in Chicago during the week for awhile longer.  We are so absolutely excited to leave here (the hotel, I mean....well, yeah, and Chicago bc of the city but I am very sad to be leaving our good friends that we've made :( 

And our kids can have beds to sleep in...

Caedmon sleeping on the couch cushions and covering up with a towel.  Yes, we make due with what we have :)
Last Thursday we swung by Pastor Scotts to pick up a key for church so we could bring the kids there to play while we had some time to "think" and talk about our plans....or lack thereof.  While we were getting the key, Scott asked Nathan if he'd come help with the landscaping in his yard again and of course Nathan said yes!   Nathan got there about 10am and worked til about 5ish.  The kids and I came around lunch time and hung out the rest of the day as well.  Everyone kept exclaiming how hard of a worker Nathan was and we all agreed it was because of his farm upbringing (and being able to get out of the hotel!)

We had one last birthday party to attend before leaving (our 4th in about a month!)...our friends' son Chase turned 3 and another friends' son Gavin turned 4.  The kids had fun playing and of course the ice cream buffet was a huge hit!

Sunday was church and my last lifegroup :(  Right when we start really connecting with people, we leave.  But thus is our life on the road...which will be (hopefully) coming to an end soon!!!

Lifegroup guys....(L) Josh, Paul (holding Evelyn), Jason (holding baby Caedmon...yes, another kids named Caedmon AND spelled the same!), Dan, and Nathan
Two of the most photogenic people I know...Steph and Paul with Evelyn...we will miss you!  Thank you for letting us do laundry at your home :)
We have some exciting this happening once we are home too!  Nathan's youngest brother Jonathan and his family (wife and 5 kids) are going to live with us for awhile!  They are making the transition from Texas back up to MN so they will be living with us while they look for a place to call home.  The kids will love playing with their cousins and I'm sure being home won't be boring at all!! :)

Another SUPER exciting this for us, esp bc we feel like we've been waiting FOREVER, is that we are going to get chickens right away!!!  I can't wait.  Seriously, so excited!!  Kinda nervous though seeing how Nathan will be in Chicago for most of the week (working 4-10s so he'll probably be traveling back every other wknd or so) so I'll have to be the one in charge of the chickens!  I've never raised chickens before....ducks, yes...chickens, no.  But chickens are kinda like ducks, right?  Except that we usually got 6 or so ducks growing up and I'm thinking we'll get between 25-50 chickens.  But no better way to learn quickly than hands-on learning, right?!

Jaeger sittin' in a bumbo for the first time :)
4 months

Tiernan lost his second front tooth!

Jaeger talking with Pastor Scott again

 We told Ariella we might be moving and she went in her drawer, grabbed a handfull of clothes and said "I'm ready to go!"

Keep following along as our excitment is FAR from over.  Hopefully this will be the start of a new chapter in our lives, but not one bit less exciting :)

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