Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The dramatic exit

I hardly have enough energy to type this right now, but I am...because I need to....and I want to.  So much has been going on that I know I will forget if I don't get in down in the blog....

So two days before we were going to leave Chicago (tuesday), Brayan gets sick.  We thought it was because he ate a lot of junk over at a picnic earlier in the day and if anyone was to get sick because of eating too much junk, it would be Brayan.  He continued to throw up throughout the evening...which is always fabulous when you live in a hotel with no washer near by.  Thankfully he's old enough to run to the bathroom. 

The next morning, everyone seemed fine and Brayan was doing much better.  Whew!  That was a close one!...or so I thought....

So that next day (wednesday), I was busy, busy packing up all our stuff because the kids and I would be leaving for home in the morning and Nathan would follow after work.  We were also expecting company to come over and bring us dinner.  A sweet lady that we met at the last birthday party we attended (who asked for our phone number at church), called us on tuesday and asked if she could bring us pizza on wed evening and spend some time with the kids.  Sure!  I'm not about to turn down a provided supper, especially when I'm busy packing!

So she came around 5:30 with pizza and drinks.  Not 5 minutes after she got here, Ariella was complaining that her tummy hurt.  Uh oh....  Grab the bucket!  Yep...Ariella's sick.  I apologize to the lady (whom I've only met one other time and who doesn't have children herself) that she had to see that.  As I'm getting Ariella cleaned up....Caedmon whines "Mommy....".  Yep...Caedmon's sick.  I can't believe what's happening...the night before we leave and in front of a sweet lady we've only met once.  uuuuuggggghhhhh.....

I called Nathan and asked if he was almost home.  I needed backup.  He was.  So he finally arrived, we finished eating, and Therese made the kids some more oragami things.  It was time for her to leave and I needed to go with her to pick up Nathan's car from the shop.  Right as I was getting my purse to leave, I looked over at Tiernan and he was standing with his hand over his mouth!  Oh no!!!  Grab the bucket!!  Ugh...3 kids throwing up at the same time...in the hotel.  By the time I got back, no one was better and Nathan was begging for help. 

We still needed to start loading the van to get it ready for the morning.  As we were getting everything loaded, I told Nathan I was starting not to feel well.  He just says "Oh, you're fine.  You've just been around sick kids today."  I figured he was right.  I asked him to load up the things for me but he said he was tired from the day and made me do it anyway...at least I made him help a little.

We finally crawled in bed for the night and for me that lasted about 2 minutes until I was up at 10:30 in the bathroom...yes...throwing up too!!  I continued to be sick for the w.h.o.l.e. night but was SO thankful that Jaeger was a complete saint that slept thru the night, whom I only fed once just a little at about 3:30 so he's sleep longer and he did! 

Nathan got up about 5:45am for work and I told him that I thought we'd have to stay another day because I wasn't sure how I was going to drive 8 hours while sick with sick kids.  He started getting dressed and realized himself that he wasn't feeling well.  Yep, you know what happened.  He's sick too.  He called into work and crawled back into bed.  A couple hours later, I started to feel better and the kids seemed okay enough to travel.  Nathan wasn't doing so hot, but he was ready to get out of the hotel.  We decided to load up the last few things and head out! 

It was so nice to be able to travel together instead of at seperate times....makes for breaks and peace of mind better.  We stopped twice, instead of just once, for this trip...mostly because everyone was drinking their share of fluids, which was encouraged.

Once we got into MN, it took us forever to drive around the cities as the main road was one lane.  It was so hard to be that close to home, yet taking such a long time!  We FINALLY pulled in after about 9 hours and we were SO glad to be home!!

And a lot would be changing again in another couple days with our company arriving....this is when it starts getting crazy.... :)

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