Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Habit Chart

So a few posts ago, I told you about my chore system where I include their jobs right into their workboxes for the day. (which, by the way, is working wonderfully.  I don't hear any complaining at all when the jobs are in the boxes).  Well, here is a system that I put together a couple weeks ago and it has worked with awesome results as well!  There are certain things that I want my kids to get into the habit of doing every day....brushing teeth, making their beds, etc.  I listed them on the chart.  Putting their shoes away, picking up the living room (before bed) and brushing their teeth again at night are the other ones.  Each child has a row and a sticker chart on the bottom.  Once they do their listed "habit", they flip their card over to show a sticker on the other side. (Stickers are colored in their favorite color, as are the top of the cards to keep them straight.)  Once they finish their whole row, they get a sticker on their chart.  Once all the sticker spots are full (9 days if they do them every day), then they get a "reward".  Last time it was a little "all natural" sucker.  They don't get these any other time so they think they are something very cool.  This system has worked great and I almost never have to remind them to do anything on their chart. Yippee!

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