Friday, October 26, 2012

stay awake

We actually got to bed fairly early last night.  We were in bed around 9:30.  I thought 7 hours of sleep will be a great thing for Nathan before he drives 2 hours to work.  (We usually try to be in bed early but usually never happens...)  So 4:30am comes and we are both feeling mostly refreshed.  Nathan leaves for work and I debate about going back to bed or staying awake and enjoying the peaceful quiet before the kids get up.  For some reason, when the clock starts with a 4, I have a really hard time wanting to stay awake, thus the bed usually wins.  The only time I've actually stayed up after he's gone to work is when my mother in law came over at 5am to help clean my house the day after we moved in.  So anyway, back to bed I went. 

It feels so good at the time, but seriously....I don't think I get that much more sleep.  And if I do actually fall asleep, it is often interrupted with 7 million questions from 4 little children coming in and out once they wake.  I know I probably should just jump right out of bed and greet my little ones with enthusiasim and joy, but let's get real....I'm not a morning person. 

So this is how it went this morning.....

Back into bed at 5am
Jaeger wide awake, clapping and jabbering.
Lay him in his bed, he cries.
Take him out and nurse him in hopes he sleeps
He'd rather play
Nurse him again
He finally falls asleep at 6am
Not long after (once I think I'm finally drifting back to sleep) Brayan comes in
"Mom! Can I have an animal vitamin?!"
Seriously, can't you see I'm sleeping?
Brayan again "Mom! Can I have an apple?"
Whatever, cant' you see i'm sleeping?
Caedmon comes in
"Mom! Can I have an apple?"
Yeah, a little one, now go, I'm sleeping...
Brings one to me...
"This is all the littler they are"
Whatever. that's fine.
Tiernan comes in
"Is Jaeger sleeping?!"
Uh, yes..and so am I...
Brayan back in
"Tiernan has green gum."
Ariella in
"I wanna lay with you on the white pillow"
No, lay on the floor over there if you want, Jaeger's in here.  What are you chewing?
"Green gum"
Caedmon back in
"Mom, I'm hungry."

I think I should just stay takes a lot less effort :)

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