Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weekend Away To See Dad

During the end of June, we had a big storm move thru central MN, causing major power outages around our area and the twin cities. Nathan and his crew got called out "on storm" and were sent to the cities to help restore the almost 600k without power in the metro. Since he was going to be gone for a few days (we weren't sure how long) & miss his time that he usually would come home, I decided to take a trip down to the cities to visit him. And I decided to take Tiernan with me! :)

When the guys go on storm, they get put up in a pd for hotel room an since the usual not-as-nice motels were full, they got sent to a nice Radisson hotel!  Perfect timing! So Tiernan and I kept in contact w Nathan on the drive down who kept texting me with the locations they were at. We had to visit him on the job so we could get the hotel room key first. It was nice to see him in action :)

Tiernan had to sit in the bucket truck and try on dads hard hat.

Then since they work 16+ hour days on storm, Tiernan and I got to do whatever we wanted to for the whole day!!  It was so much fun not having an agenda and being able to go wherever we wanted!  We did a LOT of thrift store shopping. Tiernan was such a trooper too, whenever I'd go into the dressing room, he'd count to see how long it took me and if he behaved, then I have him a couple sweet tarts. Win win for both of us!

I ended up getting a lot of clothes for so cheap!  Like this unusual shirt...

 We also played in the pool, well, Tiernan mostly and ate at Tiernans favorite place every day for lunch, Subway. He still talks about how we ate  subway for 3 days in a row!! :)

And since Tiernan was my "goodwill spotter", we stopped at a couple stores where we scored some awesome wall decor like this map, huge canvas, and the starry night canvas we were wanting!

Only 9.99!! And already custom framed by hobby lobby!

It was a fun weekend and we were both glad to see dad at night, even if it was only or a half hr or so before we all crashed! (& Nathan was happy to have me bring the electric skillet so I could make him scrambled eggs and veggies with fruit in the mornings :)

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