Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tiernan took me on a date!

Yesterday afternoon was a special day.  It was the first time I was taken out by one of my sons!  Tiernan has been wanting to take me out on a date, so after I picked the boys up from school, I thought it would be a good day to go!  Nathan was home because of the rain so he could be with the other kids.

Once we decided to go, Tiernan asked what he should wear.  I told him he could wear whatever he wanted.  He asked if he could wear his red dress shirt and tie.  And then he asked if he could wear a belt :)  And then he asked what shoes he should wear.  He was really getting into this!  So then I asked him what *I should wear?  He said "a skirt...a black one".  So dressed up in his shirt and tie and me in a black skirt and shirt, we were off on our date!

He wanted to take me to Arby's :)  (Mostly bc he saw a pic of a french dip sandwich that reminded him of a sub sandwich, so he wanted to try that.)  Before we got there, Tiernan prayed for the food in the van and also thanked The Lord for this special time that he and I could spend together :) We get to Arby's, figure out if we need the coupons, and then proceed inside....he even opened the door for me.  We got inside, figured out what we were going to order, and up to the counter we went.  Tiernan started, telling the lady what he wanted and then he told her what I would have too.  The lady said "You look very nice today!" and he said "thank you" with a smile.  Then I looked at her and said "He's taking me on a date."  She smiled and told me the total.  Tiernan took out his wallet and paid for the meal.  She says "You are even paying?! Wow! Where does such a little boy get money?  Do you do chores?"  "No" he says (which is incorrect but he was thinking of the money that he had in his wallet, it wasn't from chores...) "It's my birthday money.  My birthday was on Feb 23."  "Oh!  Well, I don't know too many young boys that would use their birthday money to take their mom out for dinner.  I think that deserves a shake.  Would you like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?"  "Chocolate!"  "Now you have dessert, too!"

Wow!  The lady was so impressed with Tiernan's decision, that she gave him a free shake!

We ate our meal, just us two, talking about life.

He was excited to leave so he could ring the Arby's bell. :) ....he even remembered to open the door for me again.  I was liking getting "spoiled" by my boy!

Our next stop was Culvers to get a concrete mixer.  We had a buy one get one coupon that he used so he thought that was pretty cool. :)

Same thing there....we went up to the counter, he decided what he wanted and I told him what I wanted.  He told the lady "I'll have a mixer with sprinkles and snickers (yes, I let him splurge a little :) and she'll get the butterfinger."  She told *me the total.  *He pulled out his money, she smiled so I said "He's taking me on a date", and then we stood back a little waiting for our ice cream.

While we were waiting, a lady came up to us, who must have heard what happened at the counter, and she said to me "He will remember this for the rest of his life."

I sure hope so.  We want to make special memories with each of our kids.

He thanked me about 10 times in the 5 min drive home. "Thanks for letting me go on a date with you.....Thanks for going with me, mom".....

And I think he is starting to realize how much money going out to eat costs since he was a little taken back that he only had $3 left :)  I asked "Was it worth it though?"

And the answer was a big "yes" :)


The Horton Family said...

What a sweet story, and what a handsome, sweet little man you have! The girls and I enjoyed reading this post. We miss you all. Love you so much!

Susan said...

I just finished reading this and honestly I teared up a couple of times. You must have been so proud of him! I sure hope my little boy is half that sweet when he gets older. Obviously you have done a great job!