Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week of sickness

This week has been one of those weeks that you dread as a in which sickness runs rampant thru your house and seemingly cycles it's way thru everyone's body.

Sunday night Brayan comes up to our room "I just threw up". Oh *please tells that it was in the toilet??? "On the floor by my bed." Great! (One time, the first time, Tiernan ever got sick with the stomach flu when he was about 3 was THE only time EVER that my kids didn't make it to the toilet or the bucket. We made it a point from early on to teach them that! Apparently Brayan was too much into his sleep where he didn't wake up in time. So downstairs we went (& thankfully Nathan had taken mon & tues off bc he worked storm all wknd, otherwise I woulda been doing it by myself!)

So that was Sunday night and Monday he stayed home from school just more mellow than normal. Tues night, Ariellas turn. Except, unlike Brayan, she was sick all.night.long. She's been slowly improving but is still laying around a lot, not quite back to herself (it's sat). Then Wednesday Nathan wakes up sick. His class was rescheduled so it was either to work (at his new location in the cities since his job in Sioux Falls is over, yay!) or stay home and I was an obvious stay home! So him and Ariella layed in bed all day. 

Meanwhile this whole week Jaeger has had a horrible cold with a runny nose and nasty cough. And Selah has had a low grade fever for a few days and is also congested with a runny nose. Thankfully her fever is gone today but she's still snotty and not quite herself. 

Then today, I woke up with an upset stomach and just not feeling well. I had an errand to do in the morning (dropping stuff off at BA and post office, altho I missed the post office by 10 mins!) and once I got back from that, I've basically been in bed all day. 

I tried to rest and did actually sneak in a nap, altho it's super hard to rest, much less sleep, since I have a mostly crabby, but also very demanding -wanting to nurse etc, baby right next to me. And for awhile, the rest of the gang was quiet downstairs watching a movie. Then wen the movie was over, it was goodbye quiet! A very rowdy and noisy version of hide n seek was being played right below us. Sigh.

So now I'm in bed watching an episode of the little couple on netflix while Nathan puts the littles to bed. 

Tiernan just comes in here, climbs up on the bed and says "I'm going to pray for you"...and he continues to put his hand on my arm, closes his eyes and prays silently. Melts my heart. Underneath all the mischief, he has a super soft heart! 

Now I'm hoping for a good night sleep! 

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