Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breakfast in Bed Again!

So not long after Tiernan brought me the waffles in bed (I think the next day?  I can't remember, my brain has been tired lately! :), he brought me breakfast in bed again!  He came into my room and said "Mom, you look tired, could I make you French toast and bring you breakfast in bed?"  Ummm...lemme think...OF COURSE!

So off he went into the kitchen to make French toast...from scratch.  A little while later, he returned with a plate of 2 pieces with maple syrup on them!

I ate them and decided to take a shower before I came out of my room.  I was thinking I was going to go into the kitchen and find a huge disaster since the kids had been up for awhile and eating breakfast without my supervision.  So I prepared myself and walked in....boy, was I SHOCKED!  The kitchen looked like this!!!

Tiernan had cleaned it from top to bottom!  Not only did he make ME breakfast, he made enough for everyone and fed all his siblings, even Jaeg!  Then he cleaned the dishes, put the griddle away, wiped off the table and counters and even pushed in the chairs at the table!  I was so surprised!  What a proud mama moment!!

Some cleaning and purging around here!  Getting rid of things is one of my most favorite things to do!  This is in the master closet. 



Who says a single stroller can't be used as a double?

Forts, forts and more forts...I get rid of the extra blankets so they strip their beds.  grrrr....

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