Monday, June 30, 2014

monday mumble

As always, I'm mad at myself for not posting often, as these crazy days will be but a distant memory, much of which I will forget....unless I write them down!  And I don't NOT post because I have nothing to say or that our days aren't as crazy as they once were (although I haven't gotten to the point where I miss living in a camper...)'s just that I'm, well, busy!

Our sweet Selah is now 8 months old today...crazy crazy!  She started crawling a couple weeks ago.  Straight on her hands and knees, no army crawling, no scooting...this girl has places to go!

I'm liking the more laid back days now that school is over for the summer, although we have been debating over and over again in our minds where they are going to go to school next year.  We are almost set on a school...and even though I have a hard time saying might just be a public school!!

In the beginning of May, we made a significant purchase, and bought a tanning salon!  Random, I know... It's a huge learning curve for sure, especially going right into the slower season, but we think that in the long run, it will be a good investment.  (Although we might end up selling it sooner than later since we never know where Nathan's job will take us!)

Speaking of Nathan's job....he has about 250 hot hours left in his apprenticeship and then he will "top out" and *finally (after over 4 years!) get his journeyman lineman certificate!  From there, who knows where he will go?!  Full time utility job?  On the road out to the west coast?  We shall wait and see!!

Yesterday, our 4 oldest were in a wedding!  Our friend (and young lady who used to stay with us) Ana and her pilot-fiance Caleb were united in marriage!  Ariella was the only flower girl and the boys were 3 of 5 ring bearers!  It went well, although Tiernan had to sit down mid-ceremony because he looked like he was going to pass out!  During a worship song, I looked over at Tiernan (who wasn't feeling the greatest...complained of being tired earlier while waiting for pics) and his face was super pale, I couldn't even see his lips, everything was just white.  His head was tilted to the side and I could tell he wasn't focused on the words to the song.  We were all standing, so it wasn't that obvious, but at one point, I even lunged forward (I was in the front row) because I thought he was going to tip over! I got his attention and said softly "do you feel okay?"  He just shrugged his shoulders.  I motioned for him to come over and sit by me, he did, and after a few minutes felt much better.  He said later that he felt like he was going to throw up!  Well, for everyone's sake, I'm glad that didn't happen!!

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