Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day One

(If u read my blog often, you'll hafta scroll down and check out some posts that didn't originally get on here but are on now, one titled "breakfast in bed again" is new)

One month of posts everyday. Thats my goal!! (Which is funny bc I originally tried to post this in mid July, it's now aug 6 and I have yet to do day 2, :) but I'm back on the challenge! And since technically it didn't post, I can still make it!)

Here's day one.

Organized my laundry room. Changed the way laundry is done. The baskets on the shelves are for clean clothes! Sometimes I just don't have time to fold the clothes right away but at least I can seperate them in case we needa find something quick etc! Seperated between ours, kids, and other!! If I had more space I'd do by room but this works for now! Love it!


On a walk, she doesn't like the stroller at Gmas, but she likes ours at home!

I was on Nathan's good list. Lemon meringue.

Can you tell us apart?? Lol!! People think Melissa and I are sisters (or twins) all.the.time. I can see it :) (we happen to do our hair similar on the same day too!)

Date night!!! And I promise he was more excited about it then the pic shows :) he just hates selfies! We went to Qdoba, then browsed some fun stores like Salvation Army and GoodWill :)

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