Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 2

Nathan and I got to go in an all day date!!! We left around 9:30am and the kids stayed home with a couple ladies (Ana's sisters Amy & Alyssa) until my mom came at 2:00 until we got back, around 8:30pm.  The main reason we went to the cities wasn't for a date, it was more for a visitation, which put a little damper on the day. A young man only 26, one of Nathan's coworkers and classmates from his apprenticeship was killed on the job, electrocuted. It was a hard thing for us, esp Nathan, to go to and experience but Nathan needed to show his support for his friend. Before we got to the visitation tho, we made several stops at thrift stores along the way, finding a couple treasures (pics for the salon and clothes for the kids). Although the pic Nathan was holding at the checkout broke and landed on my ankle giving me a nice bruise. I still took the pic (missing the frame and glass) but it hit perfect in one I already had at the salon so it was a good deal!! Then, the strangest thing happened!!...we went to this smaller goodwill in some town in the cities and it was kind of in a "ghetto" area we weren't even sure if we wanted to go in bc it looked sorts run down, but we went in anyway...and saw a classmate of the kids' from their school last year! Then to make it even more crazy, about 5 hours later when we were coming home, after the wake and everythjng, we stopped at a goodwill closer to home that we missed on the way there and guess what?? That kid and his dad was there again!! I mean what are the chances?!?! It was insane. :)

My blue sunglasses I found at goodwill :)

The garden has started producing and boy is it producing again!!! Second round of beans...

I went down to the garden with a small tote, ha! Hadda bring a bigger one the next time :)

Jaeg dumped the frozen corn all over the kitchen floor...good thing he likes to lick it up :)

And she's just cute :)

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