Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekend Getaway--Day 1

We got away for the first time since Selahs been born for an over night weekend with good friends. Wade and Michelle took us up north to Park Rapids to their family friends cabin. It's is massive house (they were thinking about 6000+ sq ft). It has 7 bedrooms (plus a queen bed in the master closet so almost 8 bedrooms)...and these aren't just normal size...a couple bedrooms have 4 & 6 beds each in them!! It also boasts 4 bathrooms and 5 living areas. Enough space for the 4 of us! The kids stayed at grandmas and we were off!!

Day one consisted of driving there, game of rumikube, pool, darts, ping pong, and listening to loud music :) We felt "young" again!!

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