Monday, September 29, 2014

When the cats away.... cleans. :)

So the time when I am the most productive are the times when Nathan is gone. I guess Id rather be hanging out w him when he's home than doing anything else so not much else gets done. It's prob a good thing he doesn't work from home...we'd prob be in trouble!
Well, last time he left, I decided to change around the rooms downstairs. Tiernans room consisted of his queen sized bed and dresser and then a bunch of boxes (filled with stuff I'm selling on eBay). It was an eyesore of a room. Plus him and Jaeg never really slept in their bc they'd sneak over to the others boys room after we put them to bed. So I decided to put all the boys together.... I connected the 2 sepate beds back ino a bunk and moved the queen bed and dresser into that room. Then what was tiernans room was changed into a playroom for the little kids. The other playroom has things like the trampoline, fooseball table, etc & not so much room for the little kids stuff. 
So I stopped at a couple thrift stores and picked up a couple things, painted a couple helps we already had, and voila! A little kids playroom :)
After I took the bed out...

A clean slate!

The big kids playroom..

At 10 months, Selah

Today I had Annette over for coffee, was nice time visiting. Then the rest of the day consisted of regular day to day things and planning some fun for us next spring :) we aren't going anywhere but are prepping to make ourselves a little "home away from home"...more thoughts on that later :)

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