Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back to cold

So we had a warm snap recently with temps into the 40s for several days. We'll take it since it's January! All the snow melted and it was starting to feel more like march or April. We know better though and now temps are back down (-5 this morning) w about an inch of snow on the ground.

Mom and Dad made it back from Arkansas this week. They were gone for just over a month. We went to their house yesterday after school and the kids were so excited. Caedmon spent most of his time drawing a map of the US. Boy that child likes to draw! He def doesn't get his skills from his mom though!

We are signed up for a marriage retreat in a few weeks, will be a nice wknd getaway with one of Nathan's brothers and wife. We are looking forward to some time away too!

With Nathan laid off this winter (he kinda voluntarily took it off), we've been staying in bed til about 6:30am. Well, the kids get up at about 5:45 racing upstairs to start their day. The only problem with that is that most of the time, the little ones get in to stuff that they shouldn't bc the older ones leave it out or open or whatever. Out of all the years that I've been a parent, I've never "babyproofed" stuff as in locking cabinets etc but go figure with our 6th, I finally broke down and got cabinet locks and they are the best things ever!! (As long as they are kept locked) One problem we were having w Jaeg was that he was going into the fridge whenever he wants to get whatever he wants. Um, no. But we couldn't watch him every second so Ariella actually had the idea that we should put one of the cabinet locks around the handles of the fridge. Best.idea.ever! That along w keeping the pantry locked, keeps jaeg out of a LOT of trouble!

While I was typing this, jaeg went into our bedroom, climbed up all of our dressers drawers in our walk in closet to get a basket of goodies I have set up their for a friend who's bday is coming up. He got to the basket and ripped open all the candy boxes that were in there. Ugh!! That child is a climber and def starting to get into his 'not so easy' toddler years!! Between him and selah getting into stuff, we can't relax much during the day!!

I write this stuff and take pics of their messes bc one day I hope we will find all of this funny :)

This morning, Jaeg opened a bag of veggie sticks and dumped them all over the table, had gotten a bag of little weiners and a cutie orange outta the fridge and was happily eating whatever when we got up. We might hafta wake up earlier :/

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