Monday, April 6, 2015

Cute kids

So Jaeg picked out his outfit this day, he did good! :) (btw, he is now mostly potty trained, finally!!!! This kid is taking forever! He's got the #1 thing down no problem and hardly even needs to be reminded but #2 has been tricky and he usually just ends up going in his undies and then telling us. Yesterday tho, at Easter, he came up to me "pee potty!" so I said 'Lets go' and ran to gmas bathroom quick. He proceeded to go #1 AND #2 and then said "all done!" and I was so shocked (& happy lol) so maybe we are at the brink of no more underwear messes??)

And Selah got into Ariellas "play" makeup. She actuslly did a pretty good job getting most on her does she know that's where that goes??

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