Monday, April 6, 2015


Yesterday was Easter. Last FPU class for me, lunch at Mary's, supper at mom's....was a busy day.

Selah didn't want anything to do with taking pics at first.

Then I asked if she wanted an M&M...just the thought was enough to make her stop crying enough to get a couple pictures. Too bad she's teething and always has her fist shoved in her mouth. Still cute tho :)

And we gave Lucky to our old neighbors on Sat. Nathan had had enough of the cat. The kids didn't want to give it up, but we were super thankful he went to someone we knew.

Caedmon got a potato necklace sent to him by Great Gma. He was so excited. He wears it all the time. Him and Gma have a really neat pen-pal relationship going that I think they both enjoy!

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