Thursday, January 17, 2008

Musical Children & Anniversary

No, I'm not talking about my kids actually being musical...I'm talking about the game that you play with the chairs where you go from one to the next! That's what it felt like last night!! Of course it happens right after I post about how Caedmon always sleeps though the night! Well, last night he was up about 5 times! We think it might of had to do with the fact that his little heater in his room never shut off automatically like it usually does so when Nathan went in there to check on him it was about 100 degrees in his room! Poor we shut that thing off but he was still up after that. Then when we started getting comfy again, Brayan was up! He just wanted to be fed though and he went to sleep shortly after, but it was definitely up and down and up and down last night!

Last weekend Nathan and I got a night out to a get-together at a couples' house from church. My parents came to visit and to bring us the rest of our stuff from our house that sold so they were able to watch the older boys while we went to Sioux Falls. It was so nice to visit and not have to worry about entertaining the kids at the same time! I did bring the baby with me but like usual, he was very content and everyone loved him. I'm not sure "Gamma & Gampa" (as Tiernan would say) had as much fun....Tiernan got sick after he went to bed! He gave Grandma lots of sheets and clothes to change and I had some 'not so fun' laundry to do when I got home! Sorry Grandma!

Well, Brayan is offically in 6-9 month clothes! He is growing just too fast!! He will be 5 months next week. I went though the 6-9 mo. bin last night thinking just a couple things might fit him and nope!...almost all of them will!! Pretty soon he will be sitting up and scooting himself across the floor. Seems like just yesterday Caedmon was doing that (this time last year!) and now look at him! Tackling Tiernan, running around, climbin' on stuff...

Well, speaking of Caedmon, I think he is finally awake so I better get going.

Oh yeah, it's our anniversary today too!! FOUR YEARS!! Whew! Can you believe it?? Where has the time gone?? We got married in 2004, had Tiernan in 2005, Caedmon in 2006 and Brayan in 2007...what does 2008 hold? We will just have to wait and see! How exciting! In our previous 3 years of marriage, we have also moved 3 times, so does year 4 mean another move? Probably :-)

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