Sunday, January 27, 2008

Date Night at the Palace

That's right.....a date night! Last night Nathan and I enjoyed a wonderful couple hours kids, no babies, just us! Thanks to my live-saver Jen (she's the manager of the apartments here and lives next door) we were able to go see a movie that was playing at the Palace Theater right here in Luverne! That is one of the reasons why we were okay with leaving the kids here (even the baby) was because we were 2 blocks away (no kidding!) And, of course, I had my phone with me in case mommy was needed, but there was no call from Jen and she said the boys did great! She put them all to bed around 8ish (even Tiernan!) and that was it! THANKS JEN!!!

So the movie was supposed to start at 7pm....well, we got there a few minutes early to get some goodies and settle in before it started. Well, the palace theater is an actual old-time stage theater that was opened in 1915. It has both plays and shows plus a screen they have to play movies. It does not always have a movie playing, actually, this is the first movie we've seen advertised playing here since we moved to Luverne. So anyway, we got in the door and I only saw a handful of people at the consession stand, but no place to buy tickets. Thankfully one of those people there was our egg lady that brings us eggs every week so I asked her where you buy your tickets and she said right at the concession stand! Ok, so I'm thinking 'We're not in St. Cloud anymore, Todo' :-) We have to keep reminding ourselves we are now in a small town atmosphere... So we got to the front of the line and ordered two adult tickets and a popcorn and pop. Well, another thing that was different is that you don't actually get a ticket, you just pay and if you ever would have to leave and come back, you just say 'oh, I've already paid'....which again is different from what we are used to. I love this town!

So we are seated and it's about 5 to 7pm. Finally at about 5 after 7, the lights go down and the previews start. WAIT!....NO sound!! Uh oh.... So after about 30 seconds of a movie playing but no sound, it shut off and the lights came back on again. We waited and waited...then the lights went down again and the movie played..this time with sound! yay! After about 30 seconds of shut off again!! Again, the lights came back on.....oh man! So now it's about 10 after 7. We waited and waited and waited and at about 7:15, I decided to call Jen to tell her that the movie hasn't started yet so we would be home a few minutes late. So we waited some more and then at about 7:30 the movie came back on but the picture was cut in half and the bottom half of the screen showed the top part of the movie and the top half showed the bottom part (so for an example, if there was someones faces on the screen, the bottom of the screen would showed from about their eyes up and the top half would be from their eyes to their chin) so then the movie shut off AGAIN!!! Ugh... then briefly after that it came back on, again cut in half and then they fixed the frame and it worked!! Boy, did we clap and cheer when that happened!! (Didn't I just say I liked the small town atmosphere?...well, I like it but it makes you work on your patience :-) So, we were able to enjoy the rest of the movie without any glitches! (By the way, the movie was The National Treasure: Book of was good, Nathan said he prefers the first one better, but this one was still very suspenseful!)

Other than our date night....Caedmon got his first hair cut the day before yesterday. Yes, his hair was actually long enough to cut! If you saw his hair in the light just right, you could see that the back of this hair was actually a few inches long, it was just so fine and light that it was hard to see! But we did cut it so he doesn't have any 'wings' anymore :-)

Nathan is working today (Sunday) because of all the time they missed last week with the weather so the company is giving the guys today to work to make up for some. He was off from the previous Thursday to this past Thursday (Friday was his first day back) because they shut everything down with the freezing cold temps! Tiernan's favorite day of the week is Sunday b/c he can go to church, he LOVES church and asks to go about 5 or more times a day. Therefore, since Nathan is working, I think I'm going to try to take all the kids by myself with me to church! I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to have the hands that I need to carry Brayan and Caedmon and still have a hand for Tiernan so he doesn't run from me! I haven't exactly figured it out yet, but I'm willing to try!

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