Sunday, February 10, 2008

Caedmon's a Talkin' Machine!

Two days ago, Caedmon said his first word (other than Da Da and tons of babble). No, it's wasn't "mom" or "no" or "mine" or anything like was none other than "cookie!" It was so cute! I made cookies in the morning and then all day he was saying cookie! He also knows how to sign it so he would go back and forth between the two! Then today he said his second word! I thought I heard him say this last night but I didn't think he knew what he was saying and then today he's been saying it over and over...."Gampa!" (Grandpa). Oh, but he only whispers it!! He'll be babbling along and then I'll say "Caedmon, say Grandpa" and he'll whisper "Gampa". Now the fun begins!!

For those of you who haven't seen where we live, which is probably most of you b/c we don't get visitors very often, I'm posting a pic of our apt building. (Thanks to both sets of Grandparents, Darren Sara & William, Naomi, and our friends Wade & Michelle that have come to visit!!....and Amanda & Blaise but I didn't get to see them b/c they came when I was gone, but they came with Mary to clean my apt as a surprise after Brayan was born so I am glad they came!!) Once I take updated pic of the inside, I'll post them as well.
(If you find the big front doors of the building, we are on the second floor, to the right of the door...those three windows are our place!)

Well, it's freezing here in Luverne with wind chills at -30. Nathan only worked 4 hours yesterday b/c of the cold and then tomorrow it's supposed to snow, so we will see if he'll be home tomorrow too.... It leaves us no choice but to rent movies and hang out inside! Good thing there's a gym downstairs and movie rentals in Luverne are 53 cents including tax!!! Did I ever mention that I LOVE Luverne?? :-)

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