Saturday, February 16, 2008

Time For A Change!!!!

BEFORE............ AFTER!!!!!

No, your eyes aren't fooling you....I got over 9 inches cut off my hair this morning! It was time for a change!! What'd ya think?

I told Tiernan to eat his green beans. He stuck one in his mouth and this is what happened to his face! While he looked at me like this, I made him say "Mmm, I like green beans!" :-) I think his face says something different. But he did eat all of them!!

I guess this is what you do as kids when you drop speghetti on the floor and mom doesn't clean it up right away! How fun!! :-)

This is what was on the counter when I got up on Valentine's Day!! Awww....I know, my husband is so sweet!! (He tells me now that he got the biggest heart of chocolate he could find so he can eat it too!!) I love him anyway!!

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Anonymous said...

Your hair is awesome Dawn!! I love it :)