Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Actually, if you were to come to my place right now, you'd wouldn't think it was any more closer to Christmas than it was last April (except for maybe the apple cinnamon candle I have that makes it smell a little Christmasy in here--does Christmas have a smell??) Anyway, but in our minds were are counting down the days until we go back home and celebrate with our families!

That's one thing that I'm really starting to miss about not having a house, or at least a place where we stay for more than a handful of months.....decorating!! Not just for Christmas, but just having wall decor, PAINT colors, mirrors, stuff that matches.... I don't like nick-nacks but I like things that cooridate and have a purpose. I know it may be a 'girl thing' since Nathan couldn't care less about the stark white walls with nothing on them, but I am longing to make and create stuff to decorate with!! I was recently visiting this blog and man, does she have a skill for crafts!..along with a gianormous room with all her crafty-stuff! But it was fun to look at her projects and get some ideas. I love making something from nothing, although I don't do it very often since I have no where to put it!

So, for the time being, I will continue to scroll through the pages of and collect all my ideas :) It makes going to our families houses for Christmas that much more enjoyable since both our parents are 'festive' in that sense, especially my mother in law.

And how abosultely FUN is it to get Christmas cards, letters, and pictures in the mail?!? I enjoy every second of looking at all your cards and letters and you can be sure that if/when we get your Christmas card, your picture/card will be plastered up on our cupboards in our kitchen for all to see! The kids get a kick out of this too as they spend many minutes a day up on our counters looking at everyone in the pictures :)

Hopefully you have all your Christmas shopping done so you can relax this weekend before Christmas and remember the real reason for the season!

Oh, and also remember to cast your vote on baby #4 if you haven' interesting to me to see how the votes are leaning towards a boy! And sign the guest book too! It's a way for me to see who stops by our blog for a visit!

'Til next time!....

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