Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Life in Numbers

59 ---Number of months Nathan and I have been married.

80 ---Number of toenails and fingernails that are my responsibility to keep clipped (soon to be 100!)

2 ---Number of days my husband actually worked this week....dang this cold-blizzardy weather!

18 ---Number of times I will take a child in or out of a carseat when we go to church with one quick stop on the way home! (soon to be 24 times!)

145.5 ---Number of weeks I have been pregnant in my life so far!

0 ---Number of times I get bored seeing Nathan reading to the kids.

3 --- Number of children who are eating a cookie for their snack as I type this.

5007 ---Number of hits on this blog as of this post!

220 ---Number of miles we need to drive next week to go to my parents house.

3.5 ---Number of hours in the car to get to my parents house.

3 ---Number of hours Caedmon will be whinning/crying in the car on the way to my parents house.

25 ---Number of Christmas cards/letters we've received so far!

5 ---Days until Christmas.

5 --- Number of places we've lived since we've been married.

12 ---Number of eggs my kids will eat in the morning.

18 ---Number of different states we've been to combined.

5 ---Number of countries I've visited.

4 ---Heads of hair I am responsible for keeping trimmed

4 ---Inches of snow we've got in the last 12 hours.

25 ---Miles per hour the wind is blowing.

7.5 ---Hours of sleep on average I get at night.

28 ---Number of nieces and nephews we have.

22 ---Number of brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws we have total.

2 ---Number of kids we have in diapers. (soon to be 3!)

4 ---Number of siblings we have that live out of state (GA, TX, VA, AR)

13 ---Number of siblings we have total.

79 ---Pounds our kids weigh combined.

14 ---Average number of pounds of bananas we buy each week.

3.5 --- Years between Nathan and me.

57 ---Our ages combined.

0 ---Amount of other number things I can think of right now


Sara said...
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Sara said...

Nails are a neverending job! I know what you mean. I've got two kids plus a dog and a cat to keep clipped besides my own. The dog and cat are definitely trickiest! I hope it's not too cold for Nathan and the boys to play in this new snow!