Thursday, December 4, 2008


(I'm very frustrated with Blogger b/c it won't let me space between each of my bullet points even after I've tried everything to get it to stay that has a mind of it's own!! So sorry, you'll just have to read it the way it is and put up with it :)
Whew! I'm finally getting back to writing about each of my kids! A few of you have asked if I was going to continue that ever, so I'm sorry for the long delay :) Next up: Tiernan!
Some of his 'school work'

More 'school' :)


And Again :)

Tiernan and Julia (the little girl, who's now 8!, who I used to nanny when she was just an infant!).....(Mary, I have a copy for you :)

Tiernan wrote his name by himself here, except a tiny bit of help with his 'e'

Posing for a pic at G & G McKeevers'

He's nickname is still Biggie and probably will be for the rest of his life. That was something that started when he was just a baby, by Nathan by accident, and it's just stuck. Nathan said before 'he'll grow out of it' but as of yet, he hasn't.

He will turn 4 on Feb. 23rd.

He is 31 pounds and 3 ft 2 inches tall.

He is still in a 5 point harness carseat. I know
I could technically put him now in a big boy booster seat but since he's still so close to the cut-off weight, we've just kept him in his carseat. Plus the booster seat I have is really low so he can't see anything out the windows either.

**side note** All 3 of my kids are in 5 point harness car seats and pretty soon I will have FOUR kids in 5 point you understand just a little why going places with them, especially by myself, is just not necessarily desireable?? :)

He has been completely potty trained, including nights, since last April. (2 mos after turning 3)

He's our kid who wouldn't sleep if we didn't make him. He's been like that since birth. I remember saying when he was about 2 weeks old..."I thought newborns were supposed to sleep!" He sleeps through the night, only getting up to go potty or to ask if he can sleep on our floor.

He can count to 20 without help and to 30 with some correction if he skips a number.

He is a VERY slow eater (mostly b/c he's talking so much) but is starting to eat alot and understands that if he eats all his food, he is eligible for a snack later.

**side note** My kids ate the most eggs the other morning than they have ever before. Between the 3 of them (reminding you that they are 3, 2, and 1) I scrambled 12 eggs!! Yikes! That garden and those chickens hopefully are coming soon!! :)

He sleeps with a fish pillow that I made in high school swimming and his teddy bear from my parents house as his security things.
Loves to go to church.

Is starting to get obsessed with coloring in the lines. It takes him about an hour to color a picture (not kidding!) b/c he is VERY careful about staying in the lines. Then he wants to hang the picture on the frig to "show my daddy when he gets home"

Is very much a daddy's boy and loves to hang out with Nathan. He absolutely loves when Nathan reads with him and watches/dances to the wow christian music videos.

His favorite song is Daylight by Remedy Drive, which he would watch on the wow dvd all day long if I let him.

**side note** Nathan and I are going to go see Remedy Drive in concert in Jan but you'll never guess where???????? LUVERNE!! Yes, that is right...they will be performing at the Palace Theater downtown Luverne about, oh, 2 BLOCKS FROM OUR HOME!! We will WALK to their concert!! How crazy is that?!?! We will definitely video tape them singing Daylight from our cell phones for Biggie :)

Favorite new thing to do is to play the drums on the couch with wooden spoons....or spatulas, or wire whisks, or anything he can find in the utensil drawer! He also likes playing his 'air' guitar.

He can almost write his name by himself.

He is the MASTER of puzzles! Give him a puzzle and he'll figure it out fast! He also memorizes where the pieces go after just a few times putting one together so he can just grab a random piece and lay it in the middle of the puzzle without any other pieces by it b/c he knows that's where it will be going.

He loves to play baseball and will hit the ball when he's pitched to.

He likes to play hide and seek with Brayan and jump on mom and dad's bed with Caedmon.

He can say Hello and Goodbye in French without prompting. Also count to 3 in French, which he does in the elevator when he sees the 1 2 3 buttons.

He's transitioning to size 4T clothes and wears size 8 to 8-1/2 shoe.

He LOVES LOVES LOVES to "do school" and work on his letters etc. He often asks me if we can 'do school'. I hope to keep him interested in learning.


Sara said...

I see big sections between the bullets, actually.

Way to go Tiernan! What a smart guy! We miss you and can't wait to see you at Christmas.

The Legatt Family said...

Yeah, after I went back time and time again trying to fix it, I finally gave up and said 'forget it' and that's when I commented on the blogger not working. Well then when I published that, it worked! Go figure!