Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I know...I'm horrible...

And now I have bad news....

My computer doesn't work :( Let me rephrased that...neither of our computers work. can't get internet on either...so I'm at the library.

That's one nice thing about small town living...the library is always 2 blocks away! I actually came here tonight to figure something out for Nathan. He was here earlier trying to do his books for class and he couldn't figure out how to turn off the ad blocker so he could see his study guide. And since I didn't know how their internet was set up here, I couldn't tell him through texts, so I came to check it out and then tell him when I get home :)

In other news, we are waaaaay excited for next week!!! Although I'm running out of things to do. I have most everything packed, which isn't much, and since all the kids' toys and everything are boxed up too, we've been watchin' lots of movies...which also gets old. But I'll try to hang in there for another week or so, and then it won't be boring for awhile :)

Kids are doing well. Tiernan calls Caedmon "Martin" and Caedmon calls Tiernan "Chris". Ariella won't stop playing on the counters and in my chapsticks and is still playing with the contents of her dirty diaper every chance during nap that she gets. And Brayan likes to gather all his toys in a cardboard box and carry them around the apt like this (even though he only has a few out).

There's more I want to write about but I'll have to take notes and do it another time. I have to get home to help put the kids in bed. Hang in there while I'm on computer hiatus!!

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