Wednesday, January 12, 2011

not tonight

Here's the deal....

I sat down at the computer...well, actually I sat on the couch with the computer on my lap...and I had the greatest intentions in the world to do this great post with pics (if my computer would cooperate) and all the to-dos of our family, but after checking some emails, and replying to a few, I have run out of time!!

Nathan was home today due to the cold weather. I think it actually was an excuse though bc he said something about the 'guys' not wanting to work today so they can work Sunday. Sunday is double time. So anyway, he was home today, which gave me some time to bring my loads of stuff to the thrift store to get rid of it! Well, you know me, I cannot bring stuff to a thrift store without actually looking a little, so I did some browsing and found a book for Nathan!

I brought it back to the apt and he quickly swiped it from me and started to read it. (Ted Dekker). I haven't seen him since. Well, he did come out for a little while to peel the potatoes so I could continue making homemade eclairs! Yeah, they were awesome. (That's coming tomorrow). But anyway....

After supper he said that if I took care of the kids and put them all to bed without his help and he could just go to our room and read, then he'd rub me. He says those words and I'm in...I will do anything for a massage.

So there you have it. He's done reading and I needa get the kids in bed. So no time to post...except for I hope you enjoyed! :) I will try my best to post all about everything tomorrow!!

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