Tuesday, January 4, 2011

it's not just me!

Because I have been getting more and more passionate about these kinds of things, I thought this too important and shocking to most, not to share!

I knew artificial colors were bad for you and and at home we avoid them as much as possible, which is quite easy to do if you cook from scratch, but if you don't or if you use a lot of pre-packaged stuff to cook with, you might find it a little harder to avoid dyes. But I think, especially after reading this, it's so worth it to your health, and your children's health, to avoid them at all costs!

I was searching through this blog "Food Dye Diaries" about a mom who's learned the hard way about what dyes can do to the health of your children and her research she's found to support her views.

She says:

"In case you are new to my blog I have to break it to you. It's not just the sugar that is making your child act "that way." It's the coloring. REALLY! Don't just take my word for it. Look at all the research articles I've found on the right hand column. Food coloring causes all kinds of behavior problems and even serious health problems in some people. Moms have written to me from all over the country describing hyperactivity, asthma, motor tics, hives and other issues that are probably diet related."

"Would you feed your child chemicals that would cause them to be hyper, moody, or distracted? Of course not, no parent wants that. Well, this blog is to help parents understand that your kids probably eat foods at every meal that could really keep them from being their best. It's time to get the word out."

"Wonder why your kids have a hard time listening, behaving, or keeping basic self control? Does your child get hyper, defiant, or have lots of tantrums? It could really be the foods they eat."

Here is a little about a few dyes that I thought were incredible!.....(She said she found all this info on the site:

RED 40
Acts like a neurotoxin and excites the brain.
Causes hyperactivity, mood swings, irritability
It’s hidden in everything from vanilla ice cream, mayo, chocolate, brownies, cake, bread, yogurt….
It’s not just the really red foods like strawberry, blueberry, or fruit punch
They use this chemical to mask when they’re too cheap to use real fruit/berries or real food

Yet it’s still often in candy and sweet treats
It’s in fruit roll ups and Kid Cuisine
Found in lots of other food marketed to children
Banned from cosmetics, but we still eat it?

(yes! Like feeding your kids a little gasoline)
Causes hyperactivity, mood swings, irritability
It’s in your pickles, ice cream, candy, mayo….

It’s in mac and cheese, dressing, sauces, popcorn, cakes, cookies, pickles, frosting, etc.
Some studies show chromosomal mutations
Can cause sudden severe allergic reactions

Linked to tumors and neurotoxicity
Studies showed inhibition of nerve cell growth
It’s in your marshmallows, candy, sport drinks
Face it, bodies weren’t meant to eat bright blue

Wow! She has another post on some alternatives to buy if you want some candy for example but don't want the dyes that go with it. There are actually a whole bunch of options. Looks like we will be saying 'goodbye and farewell' to foods with these colors...don't worry, we won't miss them (or their side effects!)

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Marcia said...

You are so right, it is not just the sugar.

Check out www.feingold.org for good information and support in rid of the dyes, etc. in your child's (and yours!) diet. It is support group.