Saturday, August 11, 2012


In order for me to keep up with everything that has been going on with us, I will be bullet pointing items until I can keep up daily...which might be awhile!  :)

Jonathan and Becky have moved out.  They went to live with her parents so we can get things packed up here.  Everything has been going well with the sale of the house so far, and we plan to close on sept 4!

We have also put in an offer, which was accepted, on a new home for us!  We will be moving just a few mins away, across the street from a golf course.  We will be downsizing considerably, the most noticable is the land, or lack thereof.  We will be in a development with neighbors every close on both sides of us.  We have no back yard neighbors, which is a blessing, but it might take some time for us to get used to being so close to others.  We feel that the size of the home and lot is more managable and will allow Nathan to take any job that he can find back home so he can focus on the family instead of the possibility of him being on the road. 

We are excited for our change and are ready to put down some roots.  I have been completely absorbed with getting DIY projects for the new house to make it our own.  That site has everything!!

Nathan is currently laid off from the Chicago job!  Yay!  He came home a couple weeks ago bc he didn't want to go on storm work on the East coast which is where his crew was going so he was just going to come home until they came back from Chicago and then he'd go back but they never ended up going and instead his foreman calls him a few days later and said that they were laying him off.  The Lord totally had that planned bc Nathan was going to fly home but instead it didn't work out so he decided to load up all his stuff in his car "just in case" and it turned out he didn't have to go back!

He had been staying with a couple from church in Des Plaines. They were so kind for letting Nathan stay with them.  I would wonder some nights why in the world nathan wasn't calling yet, only to find out he was up chit-chatting with them or playing games til late!  Glad he enjoyed his time and super nice for me to know he was with a couple from church that treated him kindly.  Thank you so much Paul and Becky!!

So lately we've been trying to pack up one box at a time....although I'm not too good packing with so much time!!  I'm used to moving with a couple days notice, not a month!  There's so much that can't be done til last minute anyway that packing ahead of time is almost more work!

Jaeger's almost 6 months old!  Can ya believe it?!  He'll be my only baby that hasn't been sitting, or even close to, by 6 months.  He just folds right over when we sit him up :)  Still workin' on that. 

Ariella cracks us up everyday.  Her antics and conversations are so hilarious,  Today we had this conversation....

Ariella: "Mom, what's Jaeger's name gunna be when he grows up?"
Me: slightly confused..."Uh, Jaeger."
Ariella: "STILL Jaeger?!?"
Me: "Yes. What do you think your name is going to be when you grow up?"
Ariella: "Flippy."

Hahaha.  This girl is so funny.

Alma (my 17 yr old niece) and Faith (4) came to spend the night tonight.  She was on her way back to her grandparents from another aunt and uncles house and got lost so since she knew the way here, she came over!  So Alma, Nathan and I are watching a documentary on Netflix.

The chickens are growing!!  Which is exaclty what we want them to do since we need to butcher about 2 weeks before we would have liked to.  Now THAT will be an interesting day!  You'll hafta wait for that post. haha.  Sept 1 is butchering day.  I'll try not to make you wait too long after that :)

Well, that's all for now.  I think they are getting sick of the clicking of the keyboard....and I want ice cream with strawberries...

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