Thursday, August 30, 2012

My beauties

They are so fun to watch, and listen to. It's bitter sweet that tomorrow butchering starts. Since we would ideally wait a few more weeks to butcher them, they are smaller than we'd like but not much we can do about it. We've been feeding them like crazy and the past few days they've been going through a 50lb bag of feed per day! Plus they are moved on fresh grass everyday, sometimes more than once.

Tiernan is all excited to help with butchering and while we were talking about it, Brayan says "We gunna make the chickens be dead?!"

We will miss them and Nathan has even admitted that he won't be able to do the actually killing of them bc he likes them so much. Ha. Softy....

I'm sure I'll have some stories tomorrow :) oh and by the way, I've downloaded the blogger app so now if this works, I'll be able to post from my phone with ease, which equals awesome :)

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