Monday, August 20, 2012


So I'd have to say that the reason now that I haven't posted for awhile is because all my 'extra' (yeah, right) time, I use to browse pinterest.  I. L.O.V.E. P.I.N.T.E.R.E.S.T.  period.  I actually only really love the DIY and home decor section.  Seriously get SO many awesome ideas and plans from there and things I would have never even thought about but can make my life easier!!  Anything that can make my life easier, I am ALL for!  So, yeah, I blame pinterest.

Well, it was Nathan's first day back at work today after having over 3 weeks off at home with us.  WOW, was that nice!  We love having dad home, dad loves being home, but I am absolutely, seriously, so incredibly     NOT ambitious when he's home.  I have no idea why I'm not motivated to do ANYTHING when he's around, but that's just the way it is.  It's seriously strange.  I'll have all these plans for the day, cooking, cleaning, laundry...and if he comes home...stop...everything just comes to a halt.  I don't even want to make meals.  It's the craziest thing.  What do I do instead?  I just wanna talk to him.  Do what he's doing.  I know, I know....mushy, mushy...but it's true.  I'd rather run around the yard with him chasing grasshoppers for the chickens than make supper for the family.  Which is why there were (several) days where we had oatmeal or toast for supper.  Ah, who needs to eat anyway ;)

So a teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy part of me is glad he's back to work so I can be back to my normal self :)  We were actually talking last night on how it's going to be nice to have meals again. And I said 'hey now, I've got that garage half full with all our stuff to move and you didn't help at all'...and he goes 'yeah, and if I wasn't here, it'd be full!'  So he knows how it is too :)  But I just love 'em so much that nothing else really seems to matter when he's home.....which I guess can be a bad thing when you've got 5 kids....but whatever :)

Chickens, speaking of chickens, are doing well, growing like they should be.  And in 13 days and counting, we'll be butchering those bad boys!  That will make for an interesting day....well, weekend for that matter.  I'll have to have everything packed on Saturday since Sunday will be butchering day.  How long will it take to butcher 67 chickens?  I have no idea.  So it might take all day.  So then Monday we load the moving truck.  Tuesday we close on this house and then close on our new house.  Then drive to the new place, unload the moving truck and return it on Wednesday!  whew!

We are looking forward to our next chapter in life but a little nervous about having such close neighbors.  My kids might have to learn a whole new tone....quiet.  Although they've mostly known rentals their whole lives so they might surprise me, ya never know.

We went to have lunch at our pastor's house this past Sunday.  That was so much fun!  We met another couple there who are pregnant with their first baby.  After seeing our brood, they might not have any more.  Ha!  Just kidding.  They want lots of littles too so hopefully we don't change their mind. :)  She is actually coming over in the morning to hang out in our crazy house for a couple hours so we can get to know each other more.  How fun!

One thing with this move has been that Nathan has had to sell all his weight equipment and weights :(  There's been a few times along the years where he has said that he'll just sell his weights but I never let him because I know they meant so much to him.  i mean, when I married Nathan, I pretty much married his weight equipment too.  But leaving 'the farm' and moving into a smaller house in a development with a small backyard and only a 2 stall garage leaves no room for a whole weight room of stuff that took up a full third stall.  It's been frustrating though bc weight equipment new is so expensive but used it's worth almost nothing.  Which is weird but most people must just want to buy new?  So anyway, everyone wanted lots for little and since we want to be done with it, those people got a steal of a deal!  But on the bright side, we have so much room in our garage I can hardly believe it! Too bad we won't be around to enjoy all our new-found space.

Well, I'm off to pinterest, I mean, bed.  Nathan's been sleeping for awhile and it's only 9:15.  He has a 2 hr drive to work and he starts at 7 so he's gotta be up bright and early.  The kids finally quite fighting with each other I think so now they are quiet too.  My kids are crazy.  They all have beds (obviously, right) but they ALL want to sleep on the floor!  Still!  I mean, yes, some of them have grown up sleeping on blankets on the floor depending on which rental we were in but seriously kids...get off the floor!...or I'm selling your beds...less stuff in here! :)

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