Monday, September 24, 2012

7 months

Jaeg is 7 months now.  And. So. Darn. Cute.
Still not sitting up by himself...but he's got this bumbo thing down-pat.  He also LOVES to eat.  Surprise. Surprise.  He is a Legatt male after all.  Right now he chows down oatmeal cereal, bananas, and avocados. yum yum!
Here's a little sneak peak of our living room.  I'll be posting more pics as I get to it.

Today we got to drop off some food to friends of ours from church who just had their baby.  Wowzers do babies grow fast!  All the boys were in awe at how little the baby was (and he wasn't even as little as Jaeger the 8 pounds).  We've also been on the slow mend from some stomach thing.  Went slowly thru each kid but this week is getting better. 
Well, speaking of my lovely 7 month old.  He's been crying for awhile (trying to go to sleep) so I better be off....

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