Thursday, September 13, 2012

School room

So we've packed, we've cleaned, we've loaded up, we've unloaded, and we've moved into our new place!!  And I can honestly say that (besides the color of my kitchen cabinets and the fact that all the walls were painted) I don't miss anything about our house and I'm so thankful for the house that we've moved in to!  But more on the move, etc later.  For now, I'm just trying to keep up with stuff!

Yesterday my parents came over to hang out so 1) Dad and I could go to Home Depot and buy some shelves for my awesome walk-in pantry/misc closet.  I was at HD the day before but I literally stared at the shelving for about a good half hour and since I had baby with, I ended up leaving with nothing.  I figured it would be much easier to be with my dad and his truck without children.  And then my parents also came over so 2) my mom could come with me to church bc I was bringing all the kids to the RAD kick-off!  Here's the cool thing...Nathan was planning on coming home but ended up making an early arrival since they were rained out!  But things continued as planned, except that Nathan helped mom with the kids while I shopped and then he helped dad hang some shelves while mom and I were at church!

There was only 1 shelf in the closet and I knew that I wanted to add 2 more below it.  Then before we left, I figured since the ceilings are higher, why not add one above it too?  This way we could utilize all the space.  The guys worked hard (I guess) while we were gone and got it finished up a little while after mom and I came back.  I hung the small (but very tall) shelf this morning to finish the closet completely!  I'm so happy for all my storage!  It's kind of hard to see but here are a couple pics of it.

Shelves on 2 sides of the closet
You can see the narrow and tall rack on the 3rd wall
....and she fell asleep on top of the couch while I was busy working....
Then I spent the rest of the day unpacking and organizing the school room!  Wow, was that a task!  I emptied 7 big totes and probably around 10 I had to sort, move, and put away all the kids' clothes into the dresser that we are borrowing from mom and dad until we can build our own for the kids.  And, yes, I keep their dresser in the school room...for a couple reasons. 1) super easy to put clothes away when they are clean. One stop and it's done. 2) I don't have kids wanting to change clothes all day long bc when it's outta sight it's outta mind. And that means MUCH less clothes and messes all over the floor....which keeps this mama happy.

The view of the school room from the door

the other wall....the dresser on the right houses my childrens' clothes.

And my favorite part...the closet! 
Everything still needs labels, but a girl can only do so much in a day!  And I have yet to hang the stuff on the walls....maps, calendars, letters, etc and I'll probably end up painting but I needed to get it organized and ready to go so we can have a little more structured school days.  Here are a couple pics of what I've organized so far.  Oh yeah, and I hung both of those bottom shelves in the closet today too.  It was kinda fun!  And it gave me TONS more storage space.

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