Sunday, November 10, 2013

Selah's birth pictures

Shortly after 1am, waiting between contractions. Nathan has my phone and is timing them from the bathroom.


Contraction..holding cold washcloth on my head

In the tub...started at a 7.5...few contractions later I was pushing.

Ruth helping me and assistant Laura writing info down. 


She's here!! And I'm done!!

She's perfect...

Looking right at momma

Nursing for the first time...and her little feet kept coming right up by my neck :)

Daddy gets a turn.

I wanted a pic of us 3 before everyone left so I pulled her off of nursing and she was not happy!!

Weighing her...6lbs 12oz! And she even peed in the sling!

Happy with our newest addition

Daddy the next morning....he's sleeping. Lol!

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The Horton Family said...

I loved these. Thanks for sharing. We are so happy for y'all. We love the Legatts! and miss you all!