Tuesday, November 26, 2013

She napped! & Great Gma & Gpa

Selah reminds me a tad of Tiernan when he was a baby...she doesn't nap often, unless you are holding her. Well this mom of many needs to have her baby nap at least for a little bit during the day without having to hold or wear her. So the other day I decided to try laying her on her tummy to see if that helped. And it worked!! I've done it only three times so far, but each time I've gotten her to sleep at least an hour! The first time I couldn't believe it! 5 mins had passed & no fussing...then 15 mins...(& I even texted Melissa at this point bc I was so shocked!)...then 55 mins..then she woke up after an hour!! Think ill be trying this more often at nap time during the day!!

Meeting Great Gma & Gpa

With the blanket she made the girls

Jaeger and the hat

Grandpas turn!

Now grandmas!

Jaeg, stop & smile!

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