Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 2

Our weekend away continues...

Day 2

Slept in til 7:15, earlier than I wanted to wake up but I think as parents, it's just a part of you now to get up early. We started the day with a walk, and then went to Park Rapids.  We stopped at Walmart and the dollar store before checking out downtown. Once there, we ate lunch at Good Life (the best battered fries), and had dessert at Minnesota Fountain. (Malts and shakes!)

I said that I didn't really like going to shops and stuff but the first place we stopped at was SO neat and exactly my style!! I was in love!! Such cute stuff!!!

Nathan also picked up an Under Armour shirt before heading back to the cabin.

Once back, we played some Scattergories (much to Nathan's dislike!) and pictionary. (Girls won :).  Then we watched a movie, ate a lot of food and played some more pool, darts & ping pong. 

Checked on the kids. Sounded like they were having fun. (They were making slime before the sun was even up this morning so I'm pretty sure they are doing fine without us!)

 Love this clock!!

Haha :) Yes....

Good reminder to start the day!

Wanted to get these letters for the kids but they didn't have "J" :(

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