Saturday, November 1, 2014

Family Fun instead of Halloween

Last night we went met up with a group from church over at a neighboring city's community center.  We hung out, ate pizza, played in the gym and then went swimming!

I didn't plan very well and only had the older boys bring their swim suits with.  I really wasn't thinking anyone would go swimming bc I didn't want to have to deal with suits, wet items, towels, etc I had it in my head that there was just a deep pool or something so A & J wouldn't be able to really swim anyway.

With that being said, Ariella was super sad when we decided that the older boys *could go swimming since everyone at the get together was going swimming.  So I was trying to explain to her that she could just watch the boys with me (yeah, real fun mom!).  I told Melissa (yes, her and her family were there too...we do a lot of things together :) that I didn't bring a suit for Ariella and wouldn't ya know that she just happened to bring two suits for Lydia! (her daughter that is Ariella's age).  So she was very happy!

Then there was Jaeg.  Since it was a zero enterence pool, meaning that it was like the beach, just slowing started getting a little deeper...and like 2 feet was the deepest it got, he could have gone in.  Well, I didn't bring his suit I just took off his shoes and rolled up his jeans.  Yeah, that lasted all of 30 seconds and his pants were wet.  Thankfully, another friend had an extra swim diaper that we could use so he happily put it on and in the water to "wade" he went!

Selah on the other hand, HATES the water and cried anytime I tried to get her near it.

Before we left, Ariella really wanted to try to go down the big water slide.  She had a life jacket on and was tall enough so I figured I let her.  She came back down the steps just sobbing bc the rules are that you can't wear a life jacket down the slide, you need to know how to swim.  One life guard saw she crying and asked if she was okay.  I explained the situation and she said that if she's tall enough she can go.  I said she doesn't know how to swim without a life jacket on and her reply was "I'll watch her...if she can't stand up after coming down, I'll jump in and get her!"  She insisted that she go since A really wanted to.  So the lifeguard got all undressed and prepared to jump in after A if need be.  Ariella went down the slide and got her feet planted right away and did great!  So fun she did it again!

Once dressed and ready to go, Jaeger's pants were too wet to put back he left in his shoes, shirt, and jacket.  He tried to pull his coat over his legs once we stepped outside in the cold.  It was so funny :)  I had to take my jeans off in the van once it warmed up in there (good thing it was dark!) bc they had gotten wet up to my thighs...hey, someone had to go in the water with Jaeger! :)

Selah was so zonked once we got home! I think it was stressful for her being around water for that long! First time ever I was able to change, undress and dress again a child and they kept sleeping!

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