Saturday, November 22, 2014

Girls downstairs

I moved the liytles kids playroom out to the big kid play room and the girls from upstairs to downstairs now that selah mostly sleeps through the night. In their room, we out Nathan's desk and the bookshelves and made a little office. So nice having all that stuff outta our room! When I told ariella that she would be sharing a bed with selah, she jumped up and down and thanked me over and over again, she was so excited.  There are 2 beds in that room buy selah has been sleeping in her pack n play so she is not used to a bed so I figured it would be nice for her to sleep w someone. It's actually the top bunk on the floor so it already has a built in rail, nice! So far so good and we haven't heard a peep!!

Selah has been pretty much running everywhere, it's so adorable to see her walk :) she still loves her bottle tho!

We went on a little date today for my bday coming up. We pretty much went grocery shopping the whole time...ya know.. also, Sam's club, cash stuff like that. But it was nice to be able to do it without the kids.

We have recently decided to head down to Arkansas for cmas this year!! We havebt been there since caedmon was a baby and never gotten together with leah's family without other family with, so it'll be a good time that we are looking forward to!

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