Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Biggie is FOUR!!!

That's right! Our eldest just turned the big FOUR yesterday!! We pretty much had a normal day and then had birthday brownies and ice cream for dessert! We kept telling him that the day he turns 4, he can't have a cover on his water cups, etc anymore. You might think that waiting until 4 is a little late to still be giving him a cover on his cups, but it we still did it more because it was easier with the little ones. If Tiernan had a cover on his cup then we didn't have to worry about one of the little kids knocking it over, etc, but we knew that had to come to an end and Tiernan would just have to guard his cup well. So far so good!

Notice how the brownies don't take up the whole pan? Can you guess why? Yes...Nathan got into the pan before I was able to decorate and take pictures....that Daddy, I tell ya....

He blew 'em all out in one blow!

Brayan's lovin' the ice cream and brownies!

So is Caedmon!

Tiernan with his 2 presents he got! One from G & G McKeever and one from us. (And yes, Leah, that is ours that is wrapped in newspaper! I still don't have wrapping paper and don't plan on getting any for a long time.....and ya know what?....Tiernan couldn't have cared less!!! :)

A book with a giant puzzle about your body from G & G!

....and Candyland from us!

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