Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lots to do!

I have started the official 'countdown' until I leave for St Cloud. My "to-do" list is written out by day on our big dry erase board with each day having something written on it.

This is how my day is going so far (which is a pretty typical day):

Get up (this is always the most difficult!)
Get my MLK (many little kids) out of their rooms
Change diapers
Get my MLK dressed for the day
Make breakfast
Clean up from breakfast
Start making bread
While it's baking, clean kitchen
Get 5 loaves of bread out of oven
Write out my 'to-do' list for the next week
Make Grandma a gift (so neat! I'll post the 'how-to' on True Delights soon!)
Shew Caedmon and Brayan out of the bathroom after hearing the toilet flush and Caedmon smiling....I'll never know if or what they flushed...
Chat on the phone with my dad
Make lunch
Clean up from lunch
Change diapers
Get the 2 youngest of my MLK into bed for nap
Get lunch for myself
Help Biggie pick up all the toys
Cut up potatoes for supper
Get chicken ready for oven for supper
Play Candyland with Tiernan
Update my blog

.....And it's ONLY 11:45AM!!! :)

LOTS more to do this afternoon!!! Better get flyin'!

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