Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not-So Wordless Wednesday

Couldn't have said it better Clyde! Thanks! :)

Our little helpers at the grocery store


Can we make up our minds already?!?!?!

About a week and a half ago, we decided it was time to trade our TV for a LIGHTER updated TV. We checked the sales and headed to Best Buy to make our purchase. Well, when we got to the store, Best Buy had their TVs arranged on the wall in a very smart way, starting with the biggest TVs first. Well, we never even made it past the first little rows of TVs and ended up buying a 50 inch plasma b/c "it was such a good deal". Yeah.

So we came around to the front of the store to pick it up and as you can imagine, the box was HUGE! The TV itself was 3 feet high and 4 feet long, not including the stand and then of course the box had to be way bigger than the TV so needless to say, we couldn't fit it in the back of the van. Oh, and yes, we had all 3 kids with us, so with the 3 car seats it was ALMOST impossible to figure out a way to bring it home. We should have just ended it there and returned it, but no, we sat in the parking lot for another 15 minutes trying to figure out how to move the bulky, heavy, annoying carseats so we could remove a seat or something to get the darn TV in the van. Well, after MUCH monkeying and me crammed in the back completely running out of patience b/c I was starving & had a contraction straight for like 20 mins b/c I was in weird positions trying to stay calm, we figured it out! We put all 3 carseats in the bench seat in the back and removed the two bucket seats, folded them down and pushed them up against the bench seat, thus creating enough room for the TV (& it's HUGE box!) to slide right in! Whew!

So we got it home, set it up and liked it for a whole DAY before we decided it was a little over-kill in our apartment and probably would be just as big of hassle to move as our tube TV, so we returned it to the store to get a smaller 32 inch LCD. (I went by myself this time, without the kids, and without the husband....THAT was a relaxing trip!) Since we returned the bigger TV, we decided to purchase a video camera as well, so with our smaller 32 inch and video camera, I made my way back home....

Just to have Nathan tell me last night that we are now returning this TV as well since he doesn't like it and still can't justify in his head to be spending that kind of money on a TV! (especially since we don't even watch TV....we have no cable or satelite...just 2 channels that come in slightly so every once in awhile I can see wheel of fortune if I'm lucky :) Otherwise we just use it for movies. Soooo, long story short, we are now going to be back to our old heavy TV but at least it'll make us that much closer to our house goal!! :)

The OTHER big fiasco around here the other day (don't worry, I'll make this story shorter :) was about a truck that we were going to buy. Why do we need a truck you ask? Well, we wanted to use it mostly to help us move so we don't have to depend on other people helping us and being a burden to them. It was a nice truck (we both loved it!) and even after we got it checked out at a mechanic and they said it was definitely worth what we were going to pay for it, we decided NOT to buy it. We had such a hard day Monday trying to decide whether to get it or not, but having 3 vehicles was just not ideal right now given our situation, so again, we are making sacrifices that are going to bring us closer to reaching our goal to build our house and lead not such a crazy, moving-filled, living out of boxes, kids sleeping on the mattress on the floor, using our bedroom as a storage room a normal life :)

FYI: I added my recipe for HOMEMADE LAUNDRY SOAP to True Delights. It is SOOOO easy to make and SOOOOO incredibly cheap that ANYONE who does laundry should at least give it a try! Just click here to go to True Delights. Happy laundry soap making!

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