Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Less than 3 weeks!!

I will be leaving (I think) for St. Cloud on March 9th to await the arrival of our little bundle!! That makes it less than 3 weeks away! My mind has been going about a gazillion miles a minute lately trying to think of everything that I need to do or get done and things I need to pack, etc etc.

Call me crazy (am I crazy??..ok, don't answer that..) but I have already started packing a suitcase with misc. stuff in it that I want to bring with. Stuff like baby boy clothes (no, I don't know it's a boy but the kids gotta have some clothes to wear if it is a boy!), the padding for the infant car seat, some non-maternity clothes (yes, I hope to wear them!), etc etc. I can't just sit here and think about all that needs to be done and not do anything, so that is what I have started.

The other thing I want to do is make some meals ahead of time to get ready for 1) after the baby's born so we can come home and have some meals in the freezer all ready to go and 2) for Nathan when we are gone. He won't have anyone to make him supper while we are in St Cloud so I plan to have some meals in the freezer for him as well. I also plan to whip up some (ok, lots!) of granola to bring with and bread as well.

Then I need to order my birth supplies (including the pool) so it's all ready and waiting for us at my parents. I'd like to make a menu for meals while we are visiting so my mom doesn't go completely crazy when we are there invading their space for a time span of at the least a week (if baby comes right away) to like 6 weeks (if the baby comes 2 weeks late like Tiernan...I really hope it's NOT the latter...). I would also like to go through all our cupboards and closets and get things really organized before we leave. That way when we get back, everything will be in it's place and we don't have any 'extra' stuff laying around that we don't need....because ya never know when we'll be moving next!! Whew!

Actually, speaking of moving, that's one reason why I want things in order before I leave for St Cloud. By the time I get back, we might be getting ready to leave for the next job. This job is supposed to end sometime in April and then it'll be another move for us. Where, you ask?? That's a good question! If you hear before we do, let me know!! :) As of now, there is some talk about Nebraska thru the rest of 2009 but Nathan has an interview for the apprenticeship program tomorrow so after that we should know more...maybe. I'll keep ya posted :)

Oh yeah, then I need to actually pack for me and all my stuff I want to bring (computer, camera, etc) and then for all my little kiddies. I always end up packing way too much so this time I'm really going to try to limit it, especially since we can wash the clothes that we bring!

Well, that's about all for now! Just wanted to update on the time schedule for us...time is a tickin'! (Which also means that if you haven't voted yet on what you think the sex of our baby will be, you don't have much time!!)

FYI: I added a delicious recipe to True Delights!

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